Raw Ambassador – Tough Steel EP


LABEL – UN.TO Records
GENRE – Techno,Acid,Lo Fi


A1 – Again
A2 – Thekey
B1 – Resa Zero
B2 – Overdose
B3 – Against The System

The first 12inch form new imprint UN.T.O Records. They present Raw Ambassador aka Antonio Barbetta’s debut which includes five unrefined, hardware only, hammering jams designed to punish dance floors.


Unto” is the italian past participle of “ungere”, which means “to grease”. Based out of Milan, Italy, UN.T.O. records is a new dirty and perverted spot in the country’s club music scene. As first 12” they present Raw Ambassador’s debut which includes five unrefined – hardware only – hammering jams, designed by Mr. Barbetta to “spread terror on every dancefloor”.
Rave bangers covered in mud, epic acid journeys and too much tape hiss.


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