Sainte Vie – Estacion Inmortal


Format – 12″ EP
Label – Akumandra
Genre – Downtempo, Experimental


A1 – Huracán
B1 – Albatross
B2 – María (Ft Pascale)

Sainte Vie has been working away in the Mexican underground for some time, running Akumandra as a free, digital-only label to help promote all kinds of electronic music. Now it’s time for Vie to step up with their first outright release, first time on wax, and hence a new era for the label. The tone is varied across the record, leading in with the worldly drum rattle and string strum of “Huracan”, a whirlwind of drama and hand-played musicianship that stands out from the crowd. “Albatross” is a more introspective cut that brings Vie’s vocals to the forefront, and then “Maria” chills things out further with a haunting vocal from Pascale and some delicate finger picking guitar delights over a dynamic set of drums.


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