Sergie Rezza ‎– Re Introduction


Format – 12″ EP
Label – Sergie Rezza Records
Genre – Electronic, Techno


A1 – Calé
A2 – Treehouse
B1 – Monté
B2 – Décalé

DJ Deep and Roman Poncet launched their Sergei Rezza project some three years ago with a widely lauded album, and now they’re back with their own label and a chance to fully explore the boundaries of their combined sound. The record starts off gently with the introspective, ambient lilt of “Cale” before wriggling into a knotted groove on “Treehouse” that places intricate rhythm programming at the forefront of the mix. “Monte” has a more forthright pulse at its core, but there’s still space for some pattering percussion, and “Decale” shrugs off the drums to explore guitar licks with an almost Balearic finish to them.


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