Sound Voyage ‎– Schattenspiel Dub


Format – 12″ EP Ltd
Label – Free Soul Inc
Genre – Electronic


A1 – Schattenspiel Dub
B1 – Golden Garuda (Khidja Remix)

Sound Voyage is a globetrotting enterprise spearheaded by Niko Schabel and Tom Wieland, which concerns itself with drawing on indigenous music from all over, fusing it with contemporary processes in a respectful, collaborative fashion. This special release brings together their “En Route To Thailand” album, included here on CD, with the 12″ release of “Schattenspiel Dub”. Throughout the instrumentation is rich and expressive, drawing on spiritual jazz as much as the sound of Thai folk music. Khidja also steps up for a remix of “Golden Garuda” that edges a little more electronic trickery into the tumbling, organic tones. A truly adventurous release, but also incredibly easy on the ears.


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