Steve Summers ‎– Always


Format – 12″EP
Label – Valcrond Video
Genre – Electronic,Techno


A1 – Always
A2 – Resist
B1 – Always (Tornhawked)

Steve Summers! ”Always” builds up as a web of metallic syncopation pulsing with threat. A dangerous motif swerves in like pissed-off porpoises, slick with black grime after an oil spill. Vocals show up: they sound like somebody kidnapped a larynx and forced it to MC at the center of a badass board game. A disembodied voice box in the middle of a cardboard landscape. On ”Resist” that same captive voice rings through a metal hockey mask, as the instrumental elements seem to narrate an assault in progress. We’re taping you down to the table, don’t bother to resist.


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