Theo Parrish – American Intelligence


FORMAT – 3xLP Album
LABEL – Sound Signature
GENRE – House,Soul


A1 – Footwork
A2 – Cypher Delight
B1 – Ah
B2 – Creepcake
C1 – Make No War
C2 – Drive
D1- Fallen Funk
E1 – Be In Yo Self
F1 – Helmutlampshade

More proof that Theo is still at the top of his game. The album offers the full spectrum of Theo Parrish’s sound at the moment – soul and jazz fuse seamlessly with electronics that consistently push forward, all the while staying firmly rooted in Detroit’s rich musical past.


Given that this is the first album from the great Theo Parrish since 2007, it’s unsurprising interest in American Intelligence has rocketed over the course of the year as Sound Signature left a trail of hints. Happily, American Intelligence is a fine album; deep and woozy in parts, undeniably soulful, shot through with jazz influences and full to bursting with killer cuts. By now, everyone should know the brilliant “Footwork” single (arguably one of the records of 2014); soon, clubs will swing to the off-kilter dancefloor jazz of “Make No War”, the 21st century broken house of the epic “Fallen Funk” and the decidedly odd – but brilliant – “Helmut Lampshade”.



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