Tumblack – Tumblack


LABEL –  Keku Wahye Keyah
GENRE – Tribal,Funk,Disco


A1 – Francas
A2 – Invocation
A3 – Jubilé
A4 – Vaudou
B1 – Parlement
B2 – Waka
B3 – Caraíba (Intro)
B4 – Caraíba
B5 – Chunga Funk
B6 – Bateau La Passé

A European Afro Disco Balearic crossover classic that was big even at the temple of white Rock & Pop Rave that was the Downham Tavern. Originally recorded in 1978.
Disco Tribal crossover supergroup composed of some of France finest musicians.



Fantastic and incredibly rare Afro-disco album from 1978. Originally released on the seminal French disco label Barclay, this album seamlessly blends elements of African, Afrobeat, Funk and Disco styles, with segments continually morphing and evolving into new tracks. Irresistibly funky and percussive, this album’s drumming patterns and melodies grandually hypnotise the listener, with only outbreaks of African chanting breaking up the grooves. The B-side is effectively one long drum track broken down into 7 segments that never drop a beat. This album really takes the listener on a journey to Africa, via 1978 New York, and is a real one of a kind. It’s also a samplers dream with no end of complex drum patterns and basslines to recycle.



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