Vakula ‎– A Voyage To Arcturus


LABEL – Leleka
GENRE – Electronic,House,Fusion


A1 – The Seance
A2 – 19 Hours Prior To Arcturus
A3 – Maskull’s First Day On Tormance
B1 – New Sensations
B2 – Joiwind
C1 – Oceaxe
C2 – The Wombflash Forest
C3 – Surtur’s Sounds
C4 – Maskull’s Keyhole
D1 – Liquid Opal
D2 – Matterplay
D3 – Haute
E1 – Sullenbode
E2 – Crystalman’s Empire
F1 – Barey
F2 – Muspel

Inspired by a journey of a man, who is not afraid to leave everything behind and travel far beyond the stars, Vakula sets off for the exploration on new sound magnitudes. Written by David Lindsay in 1920, a story of a fearless traveler who is exposed to sublime energies and unknown spheres concurs with Vakula’s perception of reality and his personal voyage to unknown dimensions. Claimed to be a soundtrack to A Voyage To Arcturus, the album is an attempt to expend beyond conventions of the modern house music and dedication to daring ventures.


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