Various – Elsewhere LVI


Format – 2 x LP Compilation
Label – Emotional Response
Genre – Electronic, Fusion


A1 – Tolouse Low Trax – Sketches Of A Destroyed Meadow
A2 – Infuso Giallo – Torus
A3 – Claude De Tapol – Du Train Jaune
B1 – Puma & The Dolphin – The Grass Drum
B2 – T-woc – Marty Eek
B3 – Houschyar – Intercontinental
C1 – Lamusa II – Artificiale
C2 – YNV – dw3
C3 – Bolva – Rite II
D1 – Anatolian Weapons – Float
D2 – URVERHEXT – Übertan
D3 – Velvet C – Exalt Cut

Emotional Response present elsewhere LVI. The 4th of soFa’s compilation series, this double LP takes us to the darker side of the elsewhere ouvre, via another 12 artist / 12 track travelogue.With certain future-retro feelings, this is club music for the open minded. An album that roams from dreamy ambient territories to rhythmic patterns – internationalism for the adventurous DJ.Rusty slow-mo bangers and post-industrial synth-wave kidnap the listener to a dystopic and shady wasteland. Elements of ethnic folk, vintage vocoders and Gamelan samples all united on one homogeneous selection.With artists now known to welcoming new brethren, this is an audio trip to leave reality behind. Exotic, hypnotic, tactile, trance-inducing meditations, washed down with a spoonful of magick.


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