Zum Goldenen Schwarm – Aufgang


FORMAT – 2xLP Album
LABEL – Forum
Genre – Techno,Dub,Ambient


A1 – Windung
A2 – Schwelle
B1 – Aufgang I
B2 – Wirbel
C1 – Aufgang II
C2 – Weltentor
D1 – Aufgang III
D2 – Ubergang

“No individual can be happy unless everyone is, since no one can be free before not everybody is free.” R.W.
Excellent release from the Giegling stable!Dub cosmic Techno.


Aufgang is the third album from the Giegling sublabel Forum, which has so far released Prince Of Denmark’s The Body and Vril’s Torus. The first full-length from Zum Goldenen Schwarm, an artist with just one past 12-inch on Giegling, is closer in style to The Body, but for long stretches it feels much more pensive. Aufgang captures a specific mood—an introspective and sometimes supernatural gloom—then chews it over across four sides of vinyl.

The album is hampered by ideas that are spread too thinly. It does, however, have a pretty strong spine. “Aufgang I” and “Aufgang II” employ booming drums and hi-hats that hiss like gas canisters. These are grainy, finely-weighted dub techno tracks with just the right amount of dirt and oil on them. “Aufgang III” is a beatless passage that introduces a faint choir and a violin loop, buried deep in the mix.



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